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Rextron 8 Port Monitor Video Splitter

Rextron 8 Port Monitor Video Splitter The KVS-538 is a video splitter designed for desktop use, supplied in a durable, compact, metal housing. The KVS-538 is independent of software and other than cables and monitors, no additional hardware is required. The splitters duplicate and boost the input signal to 8, VGA, SVGA or multi-sync monitors, with a signal rate of 300 Mhz.
Duplicate one signal input to multiple outputs. Ability to be cascaded, increasing the total number of video outputs.
  • Compatible with VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA and Multi-Sync Monitors.
  • Effective transmission distance: 65 Mtrs. (210ft)
  • IN: 1 x 15 Pin High Density (VGA) - Male
  • OUT: 8 x 15 Pin High Density (VGA) - Female
Common Use: Connect multiple monitors/projectors to one computer.

Note: Cables not included. (Male to Female SVGA cable is required from computer to splitter)
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